16th Street Wave


Wave Description:

This is a small wave directly below a walking bridge in downtown Denver, so it draws plenty of spectators. You can surf a SUP or another big board on it all the way down to 100 cfs or so, and you can start to shorten things up over 200 cfs. The wave isn’t very wide or powerful, so you’re usually just cruising on the wave. It’s a nice option for those in downtown Denver though.

Gauge Information:

The State Division of Water Resources runs the best gauge for this stretch; you can find it here. The lower USGS gauge gives a decent picture of what’s going on though.

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USGS Water-data graph for site 06710247


The wave is directly below the Highland Bridge (16th Street) in Denver. Parking can be a little tough in the area; sometimes its easier to park near the South Platte and Cherry Creek confluence (between REI and the Aquarium) and walk down from there.