5th Street Wave (GJ)

Not an amazing part of town

Wave Description:

The 5th Street Wave is probably the prime surf wave in Grand Junction, unless you count the rarely-running Big Sur or Lucky 7. It’s a bit fickle since it’s located just upstream of the Colorado/Gunnison confluence, so flows of both rivers will alter the features. Generally you’ll see a wave hole of some stripe at decent flows, but you really only know what you have once you get there. Generally though, if it’s running you’ll find something you get surf.

Gauge Information:

Flows are not an easy thing to predict here because it will change depending on the flows of both the Colorado and the Gunnison, since it’s so near the confluence. You’ll actually want the Gunnison to be high enough to back up the feature, otherwise it flushes through, but generally between 7,500 and 10,000 on the Colorado gauge (below) will get you something to surf.

For photos of the waves at specific flows, check out the River Surf Report.

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USGS Water-data graph for site 06710247


Heading south out of Grand Junction on 5th Street (Hwy 50), cross the river and turn right at the liquor store, then take another right behind the liquor store and drive down to the point. You can see the feature from the railroad bridge, but it’s active, so keep an eye out. Note that you’ll also commonly find a significant homeless encampment near the wave (or, as my hippie friend calls them, “urban campers”).