Eagle Whitewater Park

Eagle Whitewater Park

Wave Description:

2019 is the first full season for the Eagle park. This is how the waves were initially planned. As of the spring of 2019, they are all up and running:

200 cfs or so may be enough to surf a SUP, but may not be enough for shortboards yet.

The fourth feature is beginning to work with a lot of volume around 550 cfs, with the third coming to life around 1,200 cfs, with prime flows coming in around 1,900 cfs. Eddies are plentiful but fall flat – even at decent flows the riverbed is still pretty shallow.

With more water, the second wave is surfing well on a shortboard from 800-1700 cfs. Wave 3 is better ¬†above 1400cfs. SUP’s do better on waves 3 and 4. Many of the waves look to have foam piles rather than clean green faces, but they still give up plenty of surfing.

A couple photos; thanks to Farnham St. John for the info and media:

With spring runoff and flows over 3,000 cfs, the second wave gets fast and steep and chunky and fun.

Eagle Wave at 3700

Gauge Information:

The Eagle Below Gypsum gauge should give the best sense of the flows at the park. As mentioned above, things come to life over 500 cfs, but improve significantly over 1,200.

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USGS Water-data graph for site 09070000


Parking was part of the park plan. A trail will be built between the Eagle River and east of the rodeo arena for access to parking at the meadow between the Eagle River Center and Fair and Rodeo parking. The Exhibit Hall parking area and Upland Park parking lots will also be increased to accommodate large vehicles.

As of April 2018, there is a put-in at the Chambers Boat Ramp, and amphitheater-style access near the Exhibit Hall near the River Center. Construction on the Upland Park (the dry bit) is currently limiting river access in some areas.