Florence River Park

Florence River Park

Wave Description:

The Florence River Park has an artificial wave that looks like it has some river surfing potential. We don’t have a lot of information about best flows, though some photos suggest it can blow out at flood levels. Flows in the mid 200s or so look like they may be enough for a surf if your fins aren’t particularly fragile – the photo above is in that range. Obsessive internet research makes it look like it surfs well with higher flows, at least with a higher-volume board. And mid-300s were giving up surfs on a Badfish iSk8 and paddleboards

The current working title/name for the wave is .38 Special. If you have more information about flows or how it surfs, email me.

Gauge Information:

The State of Colorado took over the USGS gauge at Portland Colorado, which is just downstream of the wave. It should give a relatively accurate reading of the flows at the wave.

For photos of the waves at specific flows, check out the River Surf Report.


The park has its own dedicated parking area. You should drive there and walk to the obvious artificial wave.