Wave Description:

The M-Wave is an unnatural, high-speed wedge wave created in a drainage ditch near Montrose. It is not for the faint of heart. The riverbed is shallow, and the entire thing goes underground not too far below the wave. The eddylines are powerful and hold-downs long and uncomfortable for surfers. It’s speed and size also make it very difficult to surf, though it is possible. Understand what you’re getting yourself into before you drop into this beast.

Gauge Information:

The gauge can be found here. Look for flows somewhere between 750 and 1200.


Nope. The M-Wave is on private property, and the canal itself is private. So far as I know, nobody has received permission from the landowners to use the wave, the canal, or the access point. And maybe it’s too hand-wringey since access hasn’t been shut down yet and guys have been kayaking it for a long time, but I’m not posting the location here. But ask around, particularly in the freestyle kayak community, and make some friends, and someone will probably steer you in the right direction. Keep crowds small though, drive slowly in the area, and be respectful of the locals, because if you get access shut down you’ll have to answer to an angry mob of boaters.