Pumphouse Wave


Wave Description:

This is a new artificial feature right at the takeout for Class V Gore Canyon and the put-in for the Pumphouse run, which is usually Class II but can reach solid Class III at high springtime flows. The features are better-geared for kayaking than for surfing at the most common flows (1000-1200), but the feature starts to show a surfable green face at low winter/early spring flows (800 or so). Generally not worth a trip all the way up to Kremmling unless you’re planning on a run of one of the stretches above or below the wave; the Pumphouse stretch down to Radium makes a good SUP run.

At higher flows the easier “boat ramp” surfer’s right can surf paddleboards, but usually it’s too much of a pour-over to be of much use. High¬†spring flows (1500-2500) ¬†generate a wave that can give up some rides on a SUP.

Gauge Information:

The Colorado at Kremmling gauge gives an accurate report for this spot; keep an eye out for low winter/early springtime flows under 900 or over 1500.

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USGS Water-data graph for site 06710247


Park at the main Pumphouse parking lot and walk to the obvious observation area; the main wave will be right in front of you.