Glide Sesh Review

Glide Sesh Review

The Glide Sesh is Glide’s park-and-surf paddleboard. It has less length and volume than their downriver board, the Lochsa, but if you’re not a giant it still boasts a ton of volume. The egg shape, combined with plenty of nose rocker, makes it a friendly board to surf steep waves or wave/holes that drop you into a bit of a trough. Try to ride something without enough rocker in those, and the lift on your tail will jam your nose into the oncoming green water and boom, you’re off the wave.

The Sesh, like the rest of Glide’s boards, is covered with a protective coating that reminds me of Rhino Liner, or the other bed liners you see in truck beds. The pebbled finish is extremely durable; I was a bit skeptical about it until I smashed the Sesh into rocks that I’ve seen punch holes in traditional fiberglass boards, and the Sesh came away without a scratch.

Perhaps the biggest limiting factor of the Sesh is its fin setups – it only boasts a single center longboard-style fin box. I like the longboard box – I think they tend to be more durable than FCS fin boxes – but it would be nice to have the option to run side fins. The rails on the Sesh are sharp enough that you can still use them to carve, but turns just aren’t as sharp as they are on boards with twin or thruster setups.

Overall though, the Sesh is a fun board, and on lots of surf waves it’s size is manageable enough that you can run it with or without a paddle. The volume lets you get a lot of bounce too, and it can be a blast to ride, even on small knee-high waves.

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