gallery October Surfing in Denver

Colorado gets most of its moisture in the form of snow, and what rain comes through usually comes through in the spring or in the summer afternoon monsoons. That leaves fall as the driest part of the year, and the hardest for river surfers. But Dave’s Wave continues to run, and lately it’s consistently given us surfable flows. The wave isn’t epic; it weighs in at knee high at its best this time of year. But it’s enough to surf and get some turns in on with either a SUP or a high-volume shortboard like the Taquito.

I’m still working to figure when peak of the day arrives; the peak on the gauge is usually around 6:30 pm, but since the gauge is downstream it’s a little tough to tell how long the peak takes to get there. We definitely saw the water come up between 4:30 and 6:30 yesterday, but I’m still not positive if that’s the first peak or the second.


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