River Surfing Road Trip Guides

River Surfing Road Trip

River Surfing Road Trip Guides

It’s spring! The rivers are flowing, and a lot of us are starting to get itchy feet. Time for a river surfing road trip.

We’ve opened up¬†Endless Waves to cover a little more than Colorado river surfing. Maybe we’ll get to the point where the site is a comprehensive guide to river surfing waves everywhere, but for the time being the focus will remain on Colorado, plus the world-class waves that are worth the trip (and particularly if its worth the trip from Colorado).

So, if it wasn’t in Colorado, the wave a few minutes from my house, Beaver, wouldn’t make the cut. I have a soft spot in my heart for it, but it’s small, and kind of trashy, and not worth driving across the country for.

Other Colorado waves like¬†Glenwood, would make the cut even if they didn’t live in Colorado. And then there are the classic river surfing road trip waves like Pipeline, Lunch Counter, or Skook. When they’re in, these road trip waves are big and powerful and showcase the best river surfing has to offer. Parks like Bend and Boise make the cut as well. I’ll keep adding to the Wave Guide and its map as we add more of the highlights, so grab a road atlas and start planning.