video Surfing River Run Park 500 cfs

I managed to get out to River Run Park today at the tail end of a rain/snow/sleet storm. Water quality was better than I expected given the circumstances; we’ve been getting some rain lately and I’m sure that helped.

Ben was able to get the wave tuned a couple hours before I arrived. The extra flow – about 500 cfs – covered the rocks on the sides. And the way the wave was tuned, it was narrower than it was at 200 or 250 cfs, but it was a tall V, with strong shoulders on both sides that you could drive off of with conviction. I was also able to pop up from the wave, since I had trouble skating in from the sides – the current is just too strong, even in the eddies.

It was a great session, though a little spooky at first given the cold water, the wood in the eddies, and the snow. Well worth it for 3-4 minute rides on a great wave though.