February 2019 Snowpack Update

Colorado’s river surfing scene is driven by snowpack on any given year, and in 2019, so far, so good. Here is the South Platte’s snowpack, compared to past years:

Colorado February 2019 Snowpack for the South Platte Basin
Colorado’s South Platte Snowpack Looking Good

That happy looking dark-blue line is us! Not quite the craziness of Water Year 2017, but things are looking good! And the rest of the state looks good too:

Colorado Statewide Snowpack
Snowpack as of late February 2019

Everywhere is above-average, with the southern half of the state doing particularly well thanks to the recent storms. Last year I put together a long-form article that attempted to take a look at how the Front Range’s snowpack and reservoir levels impact water levels at River Run Park. I’ll do something similar this year once we get closer to the season, but hopefully we stay on this track!