The 2019 Front Range Season Begins

The water is finally here in Colorado’s Front Range in 2019. Pueblo is on the rise, the Eagle Whitewater Park has some water, and most importantly for Denver surfers, River Run Park finally has water. I’ve gotten in a couple of sessions on Beaver Wave, but the gem has been getting back onto Bennie’s with solid flows and a solid green wave. It’s been nice to get the Flying Pig under my feet again.

As a reminder, for some of the newer surfers in the area, this may be your first decent runoff season (last year was pretty grim). You can find some safety notes here, board recommendations here, gear recommendations here, and some notes on etiquette for RRP here.

And things are looking good for the season; here is the current state of the snowpack for the South Platte:

And here is a comparison of snowpack and flows for the past few years.

Getting the Goods at RRP:

Getting out at Beaver:

Surfing Denver's Beaver Wave
Surfing Beaver Wave