Boardworks Froth: First Look

Boardworks Froth

I had the opportunity to try out the Boardworks Froth recently. At around $250, it’s more expensive than some other foam boards like the Scott Burke I’ve recommended, but build quality seems like a significant step up. It’s also setup for Futures fins, so you have a lot more fin/performance options.

This isn’t a full review – I was only able to surf the board for a quick session – but I liked what I saw, particularly compared to other popular foam boards. The Froth feels comparatively stiff and responsive, particularly compared to cheaper foam boards. I expect the double stringer helps, and the foam feels either higher-density or maybe just thinner than some of the other foam boards I’ve spent time on.

It’s price point puts the Boardworks Froth somewhat in the ballpark of the Boardworks Flying Pig, which is still my go-to board at River Run Park. I wouldn’t trade the Froth for the Flying Pig – the stiffness of the hard board pays off. But The Froth’s durability and extra volume would make it a good travel board, and a good first River Run Park board. In that sense, it’s most direct competitor is probably the Strongwater Foam Runt. The Runt is made in the US, carries more volume, and has more swing weight thanks to the larger planing surface and higher volume. It’s also more expensive. I’d probably pick the Runt for a do-everything travel board (assuming they get their order fulfillment stuff worked out), and the Froth if I were spending more time at River Run Park.