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    Once upon a time the primary river surfing forum in Colorado was through facebook, but it was… facebook. So we’re going to try moving the conversation here.

    The rules are pretty simple:

    1) Do not flame anyone’s race, faith or sexual preferences
    2) No personal attacks or threats against other members
    3) Don’t post someone else’s email address, phone number, or physical address!
    4) Don’t post anything that will draw unwanted attention from, say, the FBI or Secret Service.

    Basically, don’t be a jerk.

    As it’s setup right now, this forum is a dictatorship, and moderation decisions are mine and not subject to a vote.

    The layout is pretty straightforward. Gear talk goes in Gear; discussions or questions about a specific wave or feature go in Waves; everything else goes in the General Discussion pile.

    Before asking a really basic discussion about a wave or feature, be sure to check out our Wave Guide. If anything you find there is wrong our out of date, email me.

    Usernames that have something to do with your real life name are encouraged but not required.



    This is also very much a work in progress; if you hit hiccups feel free to contact me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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