Del Norte Whitewater Park

Wave Description

The Del Note Riverfront Project created a new wave in North Park in Del Norte, Colorado. As of the spring of 2020, the wave is relatively new and we don’t have a lot of information on ideal flows. But it certainly looks like a surfable wave with the right flows, and the Rio Grande at Del Norte is a large enough watershed that it should sustain descent flows for a reasonable chunk of the year.

A couple of photos of the park at 2250 cfs show a wave that certainly looks surfable with a high-volume board.

del norte wide shot
del norte closeup

Thanks to Chris Clay for the photos.


The gauge for the Rio Grande near Del Norte should be a pretty accurate gauge for this site.

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The new park is accessible from the north side of the Town Park in Del Norte, Colorado. Park on the north side of the river off of Colorado 112, on the west side of the road. Walk down to the river from the parking lot and the wave should be pretty obvious.