Durango Town Waves


Wave Description:

Durango has a number of features that will keep both SUP surfers and shortboarders occupied. The best information about what is in an out can be found at 4 Corners Riversports, and just behind the shop is the Santa Rita hole, which turns into a big stompy hole at high flows (>1500) and a sticky shallow hole at lower flows. Nearby, and further downstream, is Big Kahuna, a green wave that really comes into its own around 700 to 1500 cfs. Upstream, near the wastewater treatment plan is the Smelter Park, which boasts a number of different features including Corner Pocket, a big wave/hole that will give up all sorts of tricks over 1,000 cfs, and will still surf SUPs and maybe even shortboards as low as 500 cfs; SUPs even lower than that. Scout your swims though; some features downstream can work you, particularly at flows over 2500 cfs. The pondorosa wave also serves up some great surfs when its in, and can be found in the park.

Gauge Information:

Animas at Durango provides an accurate gauge for these waves. You’ll want 500 cfs or so to start with, and the big features come out to play around 800 or 1,000 cfs.

For photos of the waves at specific flows, check out the River Surf Report.

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USGS Water-data graph for site 06710247


Santa Rita and Big Kahuna can be found behind 4 Corners Riversports. To get to the Smelter Park (Corner Pocket, Clocktower), head south from the intersection of Hwy 550 and Hwy 160 on 160, turn right at the next intersection, and park in Santa Rita Park. The top of Smelter is upstream.

4 Corners: