Here is a summary of some of the major river surfing waves in Colorado, along with their current flows. A couple biggies are missing because they don’t have accurate USGS gauges, and other lesser-known waves are omitted for the sake of clarity. If you want the full list of waves, check here.

Note that this flow page is a work in progress. As it turns out, a fair amount of web design wizardry is required to pull off what I want to do here. If you happen to be a word press or php wizard and want to help out, contact me. In the meantime, here is a quick rundown of what major waves are working in Colorado:

Colorado River Surfing Flows

WaveLocationFlowPrime Levels
River Run Park (Benihana's)Denver27.5>175 Good, >250 Better
Beaver WaveDenver65.9>150
Trestle WaveDenver65.9>800
1.5Buena Vista469>3,000
Canyon DoorsBuena Vista469>1,400
Salida ParkSalida469>300 OK, >650 Better
Pueblo ParkPueblo599>500 OK, >1,000 Better
Glenwood WaveGlenwood2770>2,500 OK, >10,000 Prime
Big SurGlenwood2510>20,000
Gunnison ParkGunnison805>300 OK, >600 Better
Durango Town WavesDurango503>500 OK, >1,000 Better
Charlie'sSteamboat Springs91.7>200 OK, >1,000 Better