Grand Junction / Las Colonias


Wave Description

A new artificial wave was recently finished in Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction, Colorado. As of this writing (April 21, 2020), we haven’t yet seen decent flows on the feature (over 2000 cfs or so in the main channel of the Colorado). At this point, it’s hard to tell if the wave will surf well, and at what flows. As the water comes up, if you have information on the wave please send me an email at

So far, as of June 2020, it’s looking more like a float feature than a surf feature.

I’ve heard it called the Bonsai Wave, but I’m not sure if the name will stick. We’ll see if a high water season changes anything.

Colonias at Low Flow
Low Flow Colonias. Thanks to Clinton Knorpp

Gauge Information

Colorado River Near Palisade probably gives the best indication of the flow here. There’s another gauge close to the state line, but it’s below the Colorado/Gunnison confluence, and the wave is above the confluence.

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USGS Water-data graph for site 09095500


Park at Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction. The wave is basically behind the amphitheater.